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  • Helpdesk created an article,

    How do I get help?

    Using any website or software can sometimes be confusing, especially one like OverseerFM which we try to update regularly as user requests come in and new science is developed.  Your starting point...

  • Helpdesk created an article,

    Overseer Version Release 6.3.0 (Outdoor pigs, crop grazing & BPDIS)

    Overseer 6.3.0, released at the end of March 2018, will add outdoor pig modelling to the tool, as well as improvements to annual ryegrass and seed crops, both in the model and the interface. It wil...

  • Helpdesk created an article,

    My subscription hasn't expired yet, but I'd like to renew it now (early)

    We understand that sometimes users will want to renew their farm account subscriptions before your current subscription has lapsed.  When a farm account subscription has 6 months or less still to r...

  • Helpdesk created an article,

    How to calculate net GHG emissions using OverseerFM

    Greenhouse Gas modelling results can be found among the reports in each analysis in an OverseerFM farm account The Greenhouse Gas results page is split into four sections:  Emissions by Source To...

  • Helpdesk created an article,

    The Farm Impact Report

    The Farm Impact Report can be generated from the Farm Summary report page.  It is designed to be included within a Farm Plan / Freshwater Farm Plan / Integrated Farm Plan / Farm Environment Plan / ...

  • Helpdesk created an article,

    How are fertiliser products with Urease Inhibitors treated within OverseerFM

    Various urease inhibitors (UIs) have been used over the last 30 years to reduce ammonia (NH3) losses via volatilisation. Among these, N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide (nBTPT), sold under the tra...

  • Helpdesk created an article,

    Emissions Factors used in Overseer

    OverseerFM estimates greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the farm. These are presented as individual emissions per source (e.g. enteric methane per enterprise, N2O from N fertiliser) and per product...

  • Helpdesk created an article,

    What types of digital map can I upload into OverseerFM

    Only files of certain types can be uploaded into the OverseerFM software as digital maps - kml or GeoJson.  All coordinates within the kml and GeoJson files must be in a geographic coordinate refer...

  • Helpdesk created an article,

    Overseer release version 6.4.3 (updated mapping fuctionality)

    We released an updated version of Overseer on 7 April 2022.  OverseerFM model release 6.4.3 includes some underlying changes to the way the software allows users to enter data and the way the data ...

  • Helpdesk created an article,

    Overseer Science

    Overseer is committed to fostering trust and confidence in OverseerFM amongst OverseerFM users and stakeholders by improving visibility of how the Overseer science model works. To enable this, we h...